Meet Kiran Kumari

The woman behind the success of BharatRoommates.


My Career

Hello, I am Kiran Kumari, the founder and owner of BharatRoommates.

When I first moved to the USA from India for studies back in 2008, I was disappointed by the lack of website which could connect Indian roomies and roommates seekers. For me and other Indians it was a big problem to find a suitable room and then an Indian roommate. Though there are big portals for room/ roommates seekers, but all are catering mainly USA, European countries and other developed countries. I thought if people can search rooms/roommates online in these countries, then why not in India? This idea enthralled me to create, where member's profile details include their personal information and detail information about their preferred room and roommate.

My Achievements

I am fortunate enough to have received a great deal of recognition and awards from the wider education community and beyond.

In 2006 I received a BE degree in Electrical  and Electronics Engineering from a renowned  university of India.

During 2006 - 2008 I served Satyam Computer Services Limited, Hyderabad ( Now, Mahindra Satyam Technology) as a Software Developer.

In 2009 I was delighted to get Non Resident Tuition Scholarship and Graduate Assistantship by University of Nebraska, USA at Omaha, and completed my Master of Science in Management Information Systems.

From 2010 till now I am the part of an American firm.

My Vision

BharatRoommates is committed to serve the people of India to get their preferred room and roommates.

Even after, all four years of growth and success I am more committed than ever to build website for communities empowering people to search in their locality.

I'm still heavily involved in the building and running business, not only in the field of Room/ Roommate search, but also in the fields of classmates, lawyers, and tutors search in Indian localities. I fully intend to use all my passion and energy to ensure the success story continues on and on.

I appreciate the cooperation of members to maintain a clean and decent BharatRoommates community.

Kiran Kumari
Founder & Owner