What is BharatRoommates?

Welcome to BharatRoommates.com, a unique online Roommate service connecting Roommate seekers and Room seekers through all over India. This is unique because BharatRoommates is the only online Roommate service dedicated to Indian residents only. We don't serve other countries. You can create profile for and search members absolutely free. You can also upload images/ audio/ video files of the room/ apartment/ house/ flat on your advertisement. If you are looking for Room/ Flats/ Apartments or Roommates in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kota, Lucknow, Mumbai, Noida, Pune or any other Indian city, BharatRoommates is the best place for you. Use our internet services including live web chatting, instant messaging, Xpress messaging, Roommate match, all through this free Indian Roommate website.
If you are planning to move other city for coaching, job, or any other purpose and looking for a room, roommate; use this Indian Roommate website. Time to time we also recommend you other related services, like movers, rental trucks, and labor supplying agencies to pack and unpack your stuff. Not only this, you can also use our 'Classified' service to sell or buy the household stuff when are you planning to move out or just moved in. In addition to these, we also give space to share your experience of moving, experience about new place and recommend the movers, and other service what you liked, to other BharatRoommates members through 'BR Blogs'. We are determined to give you "simple and easy" experience; if you feel any problem or want to give us feedback, Email at support@bharatroommates.com.

How does BharatRoommates.com work?

As I said, finding a new room/ apartment/ flat, and roommates in India is now very easy because of BharatRoommates. These are the important steps to find a new room or roommate through BharatRoommates:

1. Create FREE profile 2. Submit the the profile (Ad) 3. Contact other members. Quick and easy!

BharatRoommates is secured by 'SiteLock', and hence your all information like address, Email address or phone number are safe with us. We respect your privacy and don't share this information with any third party. Our automated E-mail service sends you an email, whenever someone shows interest in your profile.

These are the main ways to contact other members:

  • Instant Messaging: If the other member is online you can chat with him/ her instantly.
  • Chatting: There are some pre-designed chat-rooms where you can chat with other room/ roommate seekers.
  • Personalized Message: You can send personalized message to any member. An email alert goes to the other member telling that someone is interested in his/ her profile.
  • Contact Details: You can contact the other person using his/ her contact details like Email address, postal address, or phone no.
  • Xpress Message: There are some pre-designed messages those you can send directly to show interest in the advertisement.

    Apart from these, time to time our system Emails you top matches, so that you can know about your potential rooms/ roommates. Also, if you are interested in some members' profile you can add them to your 'Favorite List', and block unwanted members using our add to 'Blocked List' funcionality.

Why BharatRoommates.com?

Finding a new room, flat, apartment is a new place is tough today. Traditionally, we are used to put the advertisement on local Chai-shop or news paper, but the response is very slow and the message goes to limited people. Now its Internet era, the number of E-literated people is increasing day by day. BharatRoommates is the best place on the web where you can post the ad to get a room or roommate in any Indian city like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Noida, Kolkata and others. Second, after getting a new room/ apartment/ flat/ house if you are looking for another roommate, it's not easy to get roommate from local newspaper ad in limited time. In big cities paying huge rent alone may cost you hundreds of rupees every day; here again BharatRoommates plays a vital role. After a few clicks, you can show your ad to millions of people, and get your preferred roommate easily. If your are owner of the property, you can also use the BharatRoommates services to search tenants. Now, if you are just moved in a new apartment and want to buy new or used fan, bed, refrigerator, BharatRoommates helps you again. Just go through our specially designed classified section and browse the household stuffs you want to buy. In the similar way if you are planning to move out, BharatRoommates helps you to sell your used household items. Sometimes, you don't know about the new place where you are moving, like about neighborhood, shopping complex, vendors, here again you can get the help by going through the BR blog section. Moreover, you also have an opportunity to help others by blogging on BharatRoommates.

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